VibeSmack Apparel
Designed for the extraordinary, VibeSmack fashion items emphasise each individual's outstanding personality, sensuality and elegance on all occasions, be it rock concerts, wild parties, seaside stroll, or contemporary events in downtown-CBD.
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VibeSmack Fashion V products come with collectable cards, which on completion entitles the customer with a one-off customized feature (except numbers) on a Fashion V product of the customer's choice, a printed Fashion V Poster (70 x 90 cm), and 15% off VibeSmack Fashion V products (except CUSTOM V).

VibeSmack Collectable V

Please note collectable bonuses varies from time to time, Finnalytics reserves the right to determine the feasibility of bonuses on each product.
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No monthly subscription fee. License valid for all future versions.
No personal info collected, pay with PayPal.
The following are only applicable for purchases before 2017.12.31
3x Devices [Purchases between 2016-12-31 and 2017.12.31]
5x Devices [Applicable to purchases before 2016-12-31]
5x Devices plus "VibeSmack Fashion" of choice [All Finnalytics Financial Analytics clients & VibeSmack (CustWave) clients before 2015-12-31].
CustWave Composite EffectCustWave Audio synchronous visual® and tactile® composite effect with your mobile device, touch your music and musician, touch the other side of the phone, touch everything you hear;Any Signal SourceAudio or anyother signal types from playback or real-time live signal source;Customizable Visual EffectsCustomise multiple visual effects and experience unique visual effects synchronous to input signal;Multiple Output DeviceOutput to different external devices ranging from TV, home-projector to stage lighting and other signal controlled equipment;Multi-platformFinnalytics VibeSmack (including Finnalytics CustWave Composite Effects) is available on PC, PAD, Mobile and other devices
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